Windows 10 Calyx Point Fixes


Here's 2 fixes that you might need in order for Point to work in your computer. If you cannot get them to work you can Jeremy Merrick, he is an independent computer tech. You will need to pay him for his time, complete the contact form at the bottom of the page he will call you.


Upon downloading and attempting to install Point into your computer if you receive a message that looks something similar to this;

Then click on the zip file and download to your computer and it will clear up you downloading problem.​​​

Once the hoop of downloading the software is completed (by using the video instructions on the resource hub link), if the software will not open after it’s been installed there is a file that needs to be opened and followed the Windows process on to get Calyx to open. 


The grey highlighted file (pcf.exe) in the WINPOINT File in the C drive is what needs to be installed: 

For computer support, complete the formfill below and Jeremy will contact you to provide assistance.
NOTE his services are not free and Center Point does not pay for his time. 

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