If you want assistance in downloading Calyx Point in to your computer, you request help by completing the contact form and Jeremy Merrick, a computer tech will contact you. He is a 3rd party provider, which is at your expense.

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How to download Point 7.2 in to your computer (note this version of Point is no longer supported by Calyx so do not call Calyx for help)

​Calyx Point will not work in any Apple Product.                                                                     


1.  Select the box on the left of the Point Zip file and then select "download"  which will appear on the top right of the page.

2. Once the file is downloaded select "Run"

3. Then double click on the  file named "setup application" file 

(size is 29K)then follow the instruction that displays in the windows. 

In the Point Set Up box:

  1. For the user name: insert a "period" . (period) or your own name if you have an NMLS

  2. Where is asks the company name type   . (period)          

  3. When is asks the account ID use: 1112951MS



Upon downloading and attempting to install Point into your computer if you receive a message that looks something similar to picture below or you were able to get Point to download and now it wont' open then go to our Windows 10 Calyx Fixes page by clicking here