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Installation Instructions

Click on the Logo Above to start download.


Do not use Internet Explorer, AnyDesk works with only Chrome as your browser

Do not sign up or create an account for AnyDesk

Do not select commercial use, select Personal use.

Do not use a Mac or Apple product (none of the mortgage programs work in Mac or Apple products only PC)


How to install


AnyDesk is in the Resource Hub under the general info tab from the menu bar select AnyDesk

Now click on AnyDesk logo

Now click on (download) button at the middle of the page (green box), AnyDesk will now download the setup package in your computer

Follow the download steps to install it in to your computer.

Once it's finished downloading then click on Save to download in to your computer. Once it's downloaded then click on AnyDesk and a large window will open, it will have your ID in it, once your instructor calls you he will ask for your ID in order to access your computer


You are now ready to go!

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