Ways to Get Paid
Select your desired method of payment and complete and submit the form, then collect your payment
NOTE: this is NOT a blanket order or request but must be completed on every transaction.


Cost to you: Wire Fees are $30.00 per wire.

No wires will be submitted after 2:00PM PST.

Your banking information must match EXACTLY as your banking information appears on your bank account (EXACTLY). If not it will not be accepted by our bank.

We are not responsible for wires that do not go through due incorrect information.

Request for wires must be made no later than before 11:00 AM PST of the day that you wish the wire to be sent.

Wires are sent only Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM PST

To select Wire Funds, Push the above button and complete the form fill.


Cost to you: Zero

eChecks are simply regular checks that you can send and receive in just seconds using email. There's no additional software or technology required and anyone with an email address can receive an eCheck. 

* Receive & retrieve
* Print the check
* Deposit the eCheck

eCheck is deposited just like any other check — at a bank branch, through an ATM or using Remote Deposit Capture on a smartphone.

To select echeck, Push the above button and complete the form fill.


Cost to you: Zero

Tried and true, we will write you a conventional check and put in the US Mail. You will receive  it usually within 3-4 business days.

To select USPS, Push the above button and complete the form fill.


Cost to you: Zero

Currently our daily Zelle limit is $3,500.00 total transfers in 24 hours.

(keep in mind you might not be the only person we are Zelleing money to)

There is no fee for us to Zelle you funds. If you wish to Zelle and your commission is greater than $3,500.00 then we will break it up in to smaller transfers until you are paid whole.

To select Zelle, Push the above button and complete the form fill.